Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must-Haves

Twice a year I look forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Although I could have linked about 50 things that I’d want to buy, I decided to keep it to a handful of my faves.  From off-the-shoulder sweaters to summer flats, little black dresses, and more, I think this selection includes a little something for every style.

With my impending move to LA, my wardrobe is in desperate need of jean shorts, basic casual tees, and a few more sandals. (Okay I don’t actually NEED more sandals, but in my world no closet can have too many shoes.)

Nordstrom sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wardrobe Must-Haves:

Nordstrom SaleNordstrom SaleNordstrom summer saleshoes on sale

What My Wardrobe Needs:

Shorts Blank NYC from Nordstrom

I only listed one pair here because most of the shorts that I found that I loved were not on sale. But I didn’t want to be that annoying person that draws you into a sale, then points out the most expensive stuff that isn’t on sale!

I love the shorts above because they are not TOO short.  For years, I was fully immersed in the “short shorts” craze so now I’m stuck with two options: show my butt or wear pants. Since I’m moving to a place that is all year round Summer, I figure it’s a good idea to invest in some more “appropriate” (I hate that word) shorts.

What My Wardrobe Wants:

Nordstrom Alexander Wang

I’ve been obsessing over these Alexander Wang shoes for over a year now. They’re finally on sale. And if I hadn’t of just bought a new pair of Malone Souliers sandals, I might have considered these.

I’d love to hear what you bought from the Nordstrom Sale…or what you want to buy!

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Designer Styles to Add to your Wardrobe this Summer

Creating your wardrobe is like planning a party.  Think of your tops, your jeans, your shoes, your bags as guests!  To get the best party, you need a mixture of guests.  The social extraverted ones bring everyone together and the introverted ones provide an equilibrium to all the talking and excitement.  You need the talkers and the listeners.  In your wardrobe, you need the loud statements and the subtle beauties.  When you’re wearing jean shorts and a neutral henley top, all you need are a few loud statement pieces like hoop earrings or a diamond necklace to get that perfect party equilibrium!


Now on to even more exciting news: Shopbop is having a sale for 2 days only!  Get 25% off designer sale items with code DESIGNER25

Here are some of my fav classy basics mixed with flashy statements from Shopbop’s designer sale! Check out the links at the bottom for all the details!  You’ve got your chill open front jacket that will go with everything, your subtly sexy black lace-up top, your hot leather skinny pants, and your ragged jean shorts perfect for your summer parties!  Then we’ve got your versatile black sandals, your sparkly sneakers (because omg look at how awesome those are…if they had a high heel I’d buy them in a heartbeat!), and lastly your feminine chic light pink bag for all your classy summer brunches that you’ll be attending!

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.27.41 AM183f277376e68b3bc7dd9b2df99f13a2_best6180c87bdfa85f26e0d75a692d62f575_best5fd2313a738c2511afcc0a9d5fd6eb9e_bestcc3ff45ccfe2b9281a93668a73ce5dcf_besta30dea1c7d022196b89f7e0477589294_best5507715a6c54906eaec7810e8326c345_best


J. Molly

BB Dakota Ariana Drape Front Jacket • BB Dakota • $47.50–95 Pam & Gela Long Sleeve Lace Up Tee • Pam & Gela • $94–135
Rag & Bone/JEAN The Leather Skinny Pants • Rag & Bone • $422.40
Free People Rock Denim Uptown Shorts • Free People • $47.60
Vince Addie Open Toe Booties • Vince • $276.50
MM6 High Top Sneakers • Maison Margiela • $195
Salvatore Ferragamo Mini Ginny Bag • Salvatore Ferragamo • $537

Spring Trends: Stripe Yourself

This Spring, it’s not just florals taking over, stores are filling their racks with striped clothing from dresses, to shirts, to pants, and more.


Next we have a V-neck navy and white striped dress from Zara.

Image Courtesy of Zara ($29.95)

Image Courtesy of Zara ($29.95)

Having a more casual day? Throw on your favorite pair of jean shorts or pants and pair them with this Forever 21 striped casual top.

Courtesy of Forever 21 ($14.90)

Courtesy of Forever 21 ($14.90)

For the best results, pair your stripes with solid colors.  Add bursts of color to your outfit with colorful accessories.  A pink handbag could take your navy and white striped dress or top to the next level!

If you can’t find the striped item of your choice in stores, search your mom’s closet. Every woman over the age of 50 is bound to have an Ann Taylor or Liz Claiborne striped top.  It’s pretty much inevitable.  But if the tag says, “Talbots,” run! Wash your hands, do your mom a favor and throw it out, then keep searching.


J. Molly