Five Jumpsuits to Wear to a Professional Networking Event

Deciding what to wear to a networking event can be tough.  On one hand you want to look classy, you will be meeting a lot of new people that could potentially become your colleague or boss.  But on the other hand, you want to look stylish AF because you’re tired of looking frumpy at work after being up at 6am and running out the door without putting more than two seconds of thought into your ensemble.  This is the perfect opportunity to actually coordinate your outfit with your shoes, the bag, the jewelry, the whole nine yards. All of these jumpsuits would also be great for date night with your SO.

women's jumpsuit

You know almost every woman will be showing up in their boring work clothes.  Why not be a dare devil and give this sexy red jumpsuit a try?

Holiday Party


This sassy strapless green jumpsuit is anything but casual.

Off the shoulder jumpsuit


Hello, be a stunner in black with this off-the shoulder eye-catcher.

Christmas Party


Very few people can pull off orange, but if you’re one of them, here’s your chance!

Style Blogger


No one looks bad in blue. This bold jumpsuit will definitely stand out in the crowd.

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5 Wardrobe Pieces Not Made for Short People

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.52.11 PM


As someone who is vertically challenged, I know my fashion limitations.  “Short people problems” extend beyond not being able to reach something on the top shelf.  Here are five common fashion items that a tall person can pull off better than a short person.

Long Coats:  I once bought a long black leather jacket.  It seemed like a great investment at the time, until I later realized that every time I wore it I looked like I was being swallowed up by a coat!

Maxi Dress: If you’re short and going to buy maxi dresses, just make sure you have your seamstress on speed dial because there are most likely no high heels high enough to make the dress not drag on the ground when you walk!

Romper/Jumpsuit: The full pant jumpsuits are worse than the short rompers because short people have to deal with a waist that bunches due to excess material as well as the pants part of it that drags on the floor.

Thigh High Boots:  This one make me a little sad.  Thigh high boots may not look as good on a short person because they swallow up too much of our legs, but there are some things that I can’t give up!  This is one of them!

Wild Patterns: I’ve never been a huge fan of crazy patterns, but the odd time I’ll find a patterned dress that stands out!  Unfortunately, patterns can make a short person seem even shorter.  It’s best to stick to solid colors as a rule, but again, there’s exceptions to this rule of thumb!


J. Molly




Golden Globes 2015: Who Wore it Best

Beverly Hills just got a bit sexier last night.  From pants to gowns, there were a wide variety of styles displayed at the Golden Globe Awards.

But who was the star among the stars?

She’s one of my favorite actresses.  She’s quirky and a natural ginger. She’s got the best facial expressions and a great personality.  You might remember her as the nerd in the movie, The House Bunny, or the sexy yet self-conscious daughter of Steve Carrell in Crazy Stupid Love, or the pretend tramp in Easy A.  Yes, you guessed it, it’s Emma Stone.

Courtesy of Getty Images, Featured on  Click to Original Website.

Courtesy of Getty Images, Featured on Click to Original Website.

Emma Stone was more feminine than ever in a sexy Lanvin jumpsuit. The black pants paired with her simple black stiletto pumps made her legs look long and lean.  The silky black bow leading straight down to the floor, gave this jumpsuit an added feminine touch.  Emma Stone proves that a women doesn’t need to wear a dress to feel sexy at a fancy event.  The strapless top covered in crystals adds the perfect amount of sparkle and shine to her look.  When you’ve got arms like Emma Stone, why not show them off!

Her simple hairstyle and her classic make-up highlighted her beauty without taking away from it.  Absolutely stunning, that’s all I can say.


J. Molly