Let’s Talk Beauty Trends: Bold Lips and Nude Eyes

This fall it’s all about showing off the lips, and letting the true beauty of your eyes shine through. Not everyone can wear red or orange lipstick like Nicole Kidman and Rachel McAdams, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.  While pink is normally my go-to shade, I raised the stakes this past weekend with a bold orange Revlon lipstick to match my orange tiger lily flower from my birthday bouquet.



I kept my eyes nude so that all the attention would be centered on my lips.


But then I went ahead and made my eyes green, bringing the attention once again back to my eyes.




J. Molly





New Season, New Look

Hello fellow fashion lovers,

We all know that the Fall season is like New Years for fashionistas.  All the best fashion pieces are on display in stores, the hottest shoes, the best leather bags, and last but not least, the warmest fall beauty tones make their comeback.

Summers for me are all about wearing little to no makeup.  Oh natural…as you saw in one of my previous posts.  But fall also brings about the desire to experiment with your look.  To try that new bold lipstick, or that grey-ish black eye liner, or those sparkly earrings, whatever you may choose.

FullSizeRender (7)

I’ve recently realized that without makeup I look like I’m 14 years old.  To be taken seriously, as a woman in their mid-twenties sometimes makeup is necessary.

In today’s look I experimented with my new Clinique eye-liner called Intense Clove.  It’s a grey-ish brown color that I carefully picked out with my mom a few weeks ago.  For lipstick, I went with my trusted pink Clinique chubby stick.

For jewelry I chose a pair of gold and crystal square hanging earrings.  After all, every look needs a touch of sparkle!


J. Molly