Find out Why Jimmy Fallon Loves Gilmore Girls

With just 7 more days left until the new episodes of Gilmore Girls premieres, every Gilmore Girls fan is rushing to have a GG marathon in preparation.  It’s been a long 9 years waiting to discover Rory and Lorelei’s fate, especially when it comes to their love lives!

Although almost every guy will claim they don’t watch Gilmore Girls because it’s simply a “chick show” (so not true by the way!), Jimmy Fallon is stepping up and admitting he can’t get enough! Why is this? Because Stars Hollow has some of the funniest and most lovable characters!

He listed out his top four favorite characters (besides Lorelai and Rory of course)!  Luckily we’re going to see all of his favorite characters in the new episodes.

In 4th place is crazy town mayor Taylor!  What’s not to love right?  Between his dorky sweater vests, his wild beard, and his overenthusiastic personality, he’s a true Stars Hollow resident.

In 3rd place we have grumpy Luke.  Did you know that the show was originally going to cast a woman as the diner owner, but last minute they decided they needed more men in the cast! A Gilmore Girls without the Lorelai and Luke relationship would have never been the same!

In 2nd place we have a character that makes us feel less socially awkward in comparison.  Kirk! Jimmy Fallon claims Kirk is the best actor ever.   Apparently, he’s going to be dining with the Gilmores in Hartford in the new episodes but we’ll have to wait to find out why!

Finally, in the number 1 spot, Jimmy chose Paris! He said he loves her for her brain.  We’re guessing that her crazy, brainiac ways will return in the new episodes!  Check out the hilarious Jimmy clip!


Is Lorelai Gilmore Preggo? *Gilmore Girls update*

Okay, so the internet’s been going crazy over this one picture featured below.

While coffee, pop tarts, and the newspaper are all very much staples in Lorelai Gilmore’s life, an apple is NOT! In the fifth season when Sookie is about to give birth in the hospital, Lorelai Gilmore eats an apple and enjoys it!  Then she starts freaking out because the only other time in her life when she wanted an apple and enjoyed an apple was when she was pregnant with Rory!

Gilmore Girls Instagram

Gilmore Girls Instagram

So what seems to be the consensus?  Do you think Lorelai is pregnant?  While Scott Patterson who plays Luke Danes, Lorelai’s love interest, reveals that he is in fact together with Lorelai, he remained pretty close-lipped about any other details.  But when asked about the pregnancy, he didn’t say no!  He also didn’t say yes, but hey at least keep the hope alive, right?!

There’s less than four months until we find out the answer! Gilmore Girls premieres on Netflix on November 25th!


J. Molly