The Pair of Jeans that Caused an Internet Uproar + Other Fashion Trends your Grandparents Won’t Understand

The article’s title states that your grandparents won’t understand these trends, but lets be honest I, along with many others, don’t really understand them either.

Yesterday, Nordstrom was under fire for selling a pair of intentionally mudded jeans for $425.

Nordstrom’s product description stated that these jeans, “…embody rugged, Americana workwear that’s seen some hard-working action with a crackled, caked-on muddy coating that shows you’re not afraid to get down and dirty.”  But I want to let you all in on a secret.  I know of a way you can get the exact same look, and trust me you’ll have a lot more fun doing it and it won’t cost you $425.  Put on a pair of your jeans, find your nearest ditch, then roll around in it. Repeat until your jeans are muddy to your desire.  It may cost you a bit of your dignity, but hey you’ll be “in-fashion” and you’ll still have your $425 in the bank!

The same brand was also selling this pair of jeans.  Although their regular retail price was $395, they’re now on sale for $177.

Once again, for this style of jean I can let you in on another secret.  You can get this look for a lot less.  Buy a pair of cheap jeans, then buy white and black paint.  Then roll around in it.  Voila!  I just saved you $200.  Your welcome.

Men’s fashion isn’t the only one jumping on this strange bandwagon.  Women’s fashion this season is filled with ripped clothing and see-through clothing, which questionably defeats the purpose of wearing clothing in the first place.

If you thought those mudded jeans were bad, how do you feel about see-through jeans?

While the internet erupted over the $425 mudded jeans from Nordstrom, I wonder how this $750 ripped Givenchy tee at Nordstrom didn’t get any flack?

Forever 21

Forever 21


Ripped sweaters don’t have to be expensive though.  You can get cheap version from Forever 21.




Dammit!  Why did I throw away all those shirts and sweaters that ripped when I was a kid. Maybe hoarders have the right idea.  You never know when your trash may become a fashion trend, proving that almost anything is possible in 2017!

Note: Although this article may seem critical of these bizarre fashion trends, I just want to be clear that I LOVE weird fashion trends.  In fact, the weirder the better!  And if those mudded jeans were $40 and didn’t have any mud around the crotch area, then they may actually be pretty cool!  As for the see-through jeans, if you can deal with how uncomfortable they are, then why the hell not?  They’re weird and awkward, but then again, “weird and awkward” are two of the best characteristics in fashion…and in people, right?!  As for the very “holy” clothing, I think distressing can look awesome when it’s done right, but sometimes it just looks a little too forced when the rips are overwhelmingly present throughout the garment.





When Summer Turns into Fall, FarFetch has you Covered

When guys throw on a button-down shirt over a tee, pair it with dark wash jeans and sneakers, they’re dressed to impress.  But when they top off the look with a leather biker jacket, there’s no stopping them.  The biker jacket is one of those trends I look forward to each season. They’re one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet, and that goes for both men and women!

If this is your first foray into the wide world of leather biker jackets, stick with the classic neutral colors: black or grey.  There are so many black leather jackets out there, how do you choose? Pay attention to the details and cut.  A strategically placed zipper can turn a plain biker jacket into a statement piece that no one will be able to ignore.

Admire the jacket both zipped-up and undone.  Both should be flattering and fit you like a glove. Examine the collar; does it give you that dangerous Brad Pitt vibe?

Does the jacket have pockets?  Even if you don’t have a motorcycle to go with it, you never know when you’ll need a spot to hold your smokes.  Not a bad boy? Fine, you can use it to hold your gum.

Once you’ve chosen your biker jacket of choice, learn all the ways to wear it!  Check out FarFetch’s step by step guide below.









J. Molly


**Images courtesy of FarFetch.