All the Nail Polish Shades you Need this Winter


Neutral nail colors are totally in, but with a minor twist!  December time means holiday parties, a.k.a sequined holiday dresses; Christmas light decorations; and therefore, sparkly nails to match the sparkle all around town.  Whether or not your living in a climate with icicles on your roof and snowflakes on the ground, the holidays are a time when everything should glisten, including your nails.

It only takes three layers of polish to make this happen: your base solid color, the sparkly color on top, and a clear top coat over that to make it all really shine!  It’s always great to have a collection of nail polish to suit a variety of occasions.  For the classy events you need those deep neutral colors, and for everything else all you need this season are your various shades of pink!  Light pink when you’re feeling sexy and elegant, and hot pink when you’re feeling sassy!

deborah lippmann: Love Hangover at Revolve

deborah lippmann: Love Hangover at Revolve

deborah lippmann: I Love the Nightlife

deborah lippmann: I Love the Nightlife at Revolve

deborah lippmann "Pretty in Pink" limited edition at Nordstrom

deborah lippmann “Pretty in Pink” limited edition at Nordstrom




The only thing that should sparkle more than your nails is your shoes!



Simple Nail Art that will Have you Setting the Trends

My nail art is often inspired by the desire to put on a variety of different shades at one time.  My standard go-to look, is a solid matte color with sparkles over top.  I mix up the combinations each time to discover fresh new looks.

But this time, I got a little more creative.  This Spring it’s time to give your nails some polarity.  I colored one hand light pink and the other dark pink.  Of course I topped off the look with some flecks of pink.  I still stand by the premise, you can never wear too much pink!



I’d love to hear some of your fav nail designs/secrets! Share in the comments!


J. Molly