The Wait is Over: High-End Fashion Satisfies Consumers with Immediate Availability


Not all of your heart’s desires can be satisfied with just a click of a button and little to no wait, but your penchant to spoil yourself with the latest designer goods just got a lot easier! Gone are the days when runway shows were a mere presentation of the trends and styles we would have to look forward to in six months.  Designers, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, and Burberry are giving us what we want, and now!

At New York fashion week Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger will be showing a collection for Autumn/Winter 2016 instead of a Spring collection.  If we’re seeing it, stores will be selling it!


Until now, the term “fast fashion” has always been attributed to inexpensive fashion with quick turnover.  Now this commonly used term is taking on a new meaning with high-end designers making their designer merchandise available immediately.

Runway shows have embraced our new world of technology by featuring the runway collections on social media while the show is happening!  This “shop now” trend is giving us full and unfettered access to the latest high-end fashion.

As a fashion merchandising graduate, I remember just a mere three years ago learning about the timeline of fashion.  It started with the elite exploring the newest trends before the general public was even aware.  These trends then trickled down into the mid-level stores months later when they became available to a larger number of people.  Finally, when the trends have passed we can find them on sale in those fast-fashion retailers, and when they become even more obsolete, you can find them on clearance at budget retailers or thrift shops.

Well folks, it’s finally time to change the curriculum because the regular chain of events in the fashion lifecycle have been disrupted by immediacy.  That’s right, our penchant for getting what we want when we want it is a lot easier now, and fashionistas are loving it!

To find out more about this emerging trend in fashion, check out BBC’s very thoughtful and intriguing article here.




NYFW 2015: Nudity Trend

Every time there’s a fashion week, I’m eager to see the new trends.  I’m used to being amazed or shocked by the incredible and original designs that grace the runways.  But I was a little bit more surprised than usual today when I researched some new trends from the runway shows.

Nudity.  No, I’m not referring to scandalous cleavage, or extra short dresses.  In fact, it’s not the woman being exposed on the New York runways; it’s the man.

Getty Image featured on  Click to see original post.

Getty Image featured on Click to see original post.

A model’s hand took the place of pants in MT Costello’s runway show.  If this trend is suggesting that full nudity is on the rise, then what will stores sell?  Will pants one day be obsolete?  Realistically no, but nonetheless this nudity trend must mean something.

Not only did we see a full frontal in the MT Costello runway show, we also got a generous backside view.  See exhibit B below.

Getty Image featured on

Getty Image featured on  Click to see original post.

An article in Cosmopolitan suggests that the future may hold “peekaboo pants.”  Isn’t that an oxymoron?  Aren’t pants meant to cover not reveal? I guess guys wearing pants that fall below their butt and reveal their boxers, was just not enough.  I love that we live in a time when everyone is trying to come up with the next best thing, but who knew that perhaps less is more…

I’d love to hear what you think about this runway trend.  Share in the comments below!


J. Molly