Wardrobe Staples for any Ultra-Fem Fashionista

It’s no secret that the color pink makes up at least half of my wardrobe.  Between my ever-growing collection of pink handbags and my penchant for buying anything that sparkles, my closet would be the perfect playground for an all-girls elementary school.  Instead of show and tell, they could play dress up.

Every article I read about wardrobe staples, defines them as more “neutral” and “basic.”  But this commonly used definition is an overgeneralization.  A tomboy might live in raglan tees, a sports enthusiast might live in jeans and a jersey.  Different styles should have different staples.

My new favorite wardrobe staple are these light pink chunky heel booties from AMI Clubwear.  A “staple” should be anything that is comfortable enough and versatile enough to wear all the time and match with almost anything!  I wear these booties with skinny pants during the day, and dress them up at night with a little black dress.


Shoes Courtesy of AMI Clubwear




In the winter, every wardrobe needs a jacket staple as well.  This year I’ve forgone the long trench coats and have slithered into a collection of leather moto jackets!  This light pink leather jacket from Zara can instantly turn a boring neutral outfit into a statement.


Last but not least, my ring-covered hand will be holding this hot pink leather bag from Danier leather.  After all, combining different shades of pink in one outfit is one of life’s many pleasures.





Shop the Highlights from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale

For the enthusiastic fashionista, we all know Black Friday, Christmas, and your Birthday fail in comparison to this lovely time of year.  Yes you guessed it, it’s Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, and it’s happening right now.

Just when you thought you couldn’t add anymore to your wardrobe, you come across sales that are too hard to refuse! I searched long and hard for some of the hottest wardrobe staples you need now!  Searching through the Nordstrom sale is a little bit like walking into a bakery first thing in the morning.  Everything looks so appetizing, why choose only one?

Let’s start with the essentials: jeans and leggings.  No wardrobe is complete without a pair of ripped skinny jeans, shiny leggings, and flare jeans.  Click on any of the images for more details.

Topshop at Nordstrom32231ffcc966b915707fd9fa31bd431d_bestcc40c6146da46eb98eeec78359406779_best

As you’re sitting at home blasting the air conditioning, it might be hard to think about jackets. But as we’re approaching August we know that the Fall is right around the corner.  Why not shop the sales and be prepared.  These two jackets are hip, fun, and will go with anything!


Major TREND alert: midi dresses!  If you haven’t already jumped on this bandwagon, it’s time to start! Everyone needs a white dress for summer; from low-cut and flirty to a button-up long-sleeve dress, there are so many great midi styles available.  And of course, never forget the classic feminine pink midi that could take you from work to a party, or even a date!  Say “no more” to mini dresses that you have to pull down every two seconds and “hello” to these comfortable and flirty midi’s!


If you ever want to give your Fitbit a break, wearing a simple and understated designer watch is all you need to amp up your style and sophistication.  Burberry, Kate Spade, you can’t go wrong with either of them!


Choose your shirts and sweaters wisely.  Sales can be a great time to scrounge up all your basics, but sometimes, it’s more fun to go for statement pieces like an eye-catching color-blocked sweater or the perfect grunge plaid shirt.


Now for the best part, shoes!  Nothing is more overwhelming than walking through the Nordstrom shoe department. It’s like a kid walking into a candy shop or Disney World.  Add a sale on top of it, and there’s a possibility you may need your inhaler.  Deep breaths, my friends. Here are some of the top picks!


No outfit is complete without the fancy duds! You know what would really make your new summer hair cut stand out?  A pair of bold, sparkly earrings!  Trendy ear crawlers or colorful chunky earrings should definitely be on your wish list this summer.


Last but not least, why not update your eyewear.  There are so many show-stopping sunglasses on sale right now.  Looking for a pair with the wow factor?  Try big cat-eye sunglasses.  You can’t go wrong!


The final phase of shopping the best sale comes in two parts.  First, you will say to yourself, “Okay, now that’s all I’m buying this Summer.”  You might even feel slightly guilty.  Then comes part two, the best part.  You’re out wearing your new duds, snapping pics with friends, reaping all the compliments, and you think to yourself, “I wonder when the Fall line is coming out.”


J. Molly


Ultimate Setup for Doing Work on the Weekend


It’s been a fun weekend.  Now it’s time to hunker down and get some work done. There’s nothing better than being able to work from home in bed with a cup of tea/coffee.  Learning how to work in Illustrator has been great.  Since I can’t draw to save my life, (even my stick people suck), I think it’s about time I learn the computer tools that will help me sidestep the drawing part of a career in fashion!…Check out my handy work above!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


J. Molly