Saturday Brunch – What to Wear

Wondering what to wear to brunch this morning?

No worries, I have you covered.

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Firstly, there’s the midi skirt.  I chose a red leather one because we’re heading into the Fall and bold burgundy’s and thick leathers are all the rage.

I chose an embroidered blush rose and burgundy sleeveless top to go with the burgundy skirt.  The earrings bring out the color of the clothing in a subtle and feminine way.

I chose a pair of open-toed sandals because after all, it’s still warm out! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Turn your look into a statement with over-the-top bold Prada sunglasses and an obnoxiously oversized Diesel watch.  I can’t explain it, but men’s watches are just way better than women’s watches, so ignore gender when it comes to this accessory! I kept the clutch simple and small because we have enough going on in the outfit.

Next step, is ordering those bottomless mimosas and laughing with your best friends (or boyfriend).

Have a great weekend!


J. Molly



Saturday Brunch

Today I was in the mood for a fancy home-cooked brunch, so I experimented with a bunch of ingredients in my cupboard and fridge and came up with a concoction that I think was actually not half bad.

Saturday Brunch Egg and Quinoa Stir-Fry

Saturday Brunch Egg and Quinoa Stir-Fry

Ingredients: eggs, quinoa, red onion, frozen tri-color peppers, arugula, raisons, guacamole, fennel seed, pepper, salt, oregano, thyme, parsley, turmeric, and cayenne pepper.

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What’s your go-to home-cooked brunch?


J. Molly