Fresh Funky and Chunky: Statement Necklaces


My best friend gave me this necklace! I love wearing it with bold colors like navy or black!  The light blue and orange beads add the perfect amount of color to my ensemble!


This Armani Exchange necklace had been missing for more than 6 years!  Just when I thought I’d never see it again, I found it in a box, in another box, under another box…in my room.  Woo, it’s time to celebrate!


J. Molly



Oh Natural

For me, oh natural is not just makeup free, oh natural is bra free, shoe free, and almost clothes free.  Going oh natural is about covering up yourself as little as possible.

In these photos I’m impeded by nothing more than a barely there tank top, short shorts, and a necklace.  My hair was slightly waved with my triple barrel waver hair iron. IMG_3502 IMG_3515 IMG_3527

To get the look is simple.

Step 1: sleep naked.

Step 2: throw on a tank, shorts (underwear optional), and your favorite simple jewelry

Step 3: leave your face untouched without any pigments, grab your selfie stick, and snap away.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend as much as I am.


J. Molly