5 of the Hottest Must-Have Handbags for Spring

5 Bold Handbags to Buy this Spring

  1. Jil Sander in a lovely light blue. Jil Sander
  2. La Parmentier Atlanta in navy.  handbag
  3. Givenchy in an ultra-fem pink. Givenchy Handbag
  4. Nancy Gonzalez in yellow.      yellow handbag
  5. Rebecca Minkoff in green.        Rebecca Minkoff

Summer is the time to increase the number of colors in your wardrobe.  These five bright and bold colored handbags are fun and fashionable for Spring.



Why the Grammy’s are just a Political Throwdown Now

Ten years ago I watched the Grammy’s to see my favorite bands perform, dance in my room, and cheer on my favorite musical artists.  This year I find myself watching the show to see who makes the biggest political statement…and yeah okay the live musical performances are nice too.

Political statement number one came from an American singer I had never heard of before, Joy Villa.  She wore a dress with a fetus in a womb on it and a handbag that said pro-life.  Props to you for using fashion to give you publicity but lets all agree, that if you’re pro-trump in Hollywood then you’re setting yourself up for bad publicity.

For those who are still focused on the fashion.  The best way to stun your audience is with a neutral gown.  For those who don’t have the budget of a celebrity, here are a few that are elegant, stunning, and affordable.BCBG gown

Nordstrom gown


Black gown

Rue La La

When you find a beautiful black gown on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue you don’t questions it.

Black off-the-shoulder gown

Saks Fifth Avenue




The Must-Have Fashion Item of the Summer

No, the must have fashion item of the summer is NOT a pink motorcycle.  I however felt the need to pose with this one because it made my inner spirit animal truly happy.  Once again, this is proof that dreams really do come true when you’re walking the streets of San Francisco.

The must have fashion item of this summer is – drum roll please – the white miniskirt!  It may not be the most practical item in your closet but it is your most show-stopping piece for summer and I’ll tell you why!

1 – It goes with everything

Wear it with your favorite bold color top like hot pink or bright blue.

2 – You can achieve a “sophisticated sexy” look with a monochromatic outfit

Wear it with a black top and keep things simple and classic.

3 – White skirts show off your confidence

White skirts aren’t the most forgiving item in your closet.  Black is often considered the edgier color, like when you wear a black leather jacket. But to be honest, only true badasses can pull off white!

4 – White screams “SUMMER VACAY”

No beach vacation is complete without some white attire.  White skirts work great as bathing suit coverups.

One last piece of advice: be sure to find a white skirt that isn’t see-through! That’s half the battle. Opt for thicker fabrics, or ones that have linings.






The Simple Spring Fashion Trend we all Love

This weekend we’re turning our clocks forward! Every year I look forward to this time change because it means one extra hour of sunlight each day.  As Spring approaches, I can’t help but reflect on one of my favorite Spring trends: shedding clothes.

When the weather heats up, the sweaters come off.  While my style is normally synonymous with flashy, bold, girly, and chic, the Spring and Summer months often bring out my desire for casual basics that keep life simple.

Faded jeans and a tank top, paired with flip flops is usually as basic as I’ll go.  Of course sparkly rings and a little bit of lip gloss will probably liven things up a bit, but nonetheless, the simplicity will still be there.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Hot Boho Chic Style for Summer in a Few Fast and Simple Steps

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 11.36.26 AM

It’s another sunny day in June.  When I want to cut back on the time it takes for me to get ready in the morning and leave my place, I follow a few simple steps.

First: I slip on a comfy, boho chic dress.  This summer my go-to would be a lacy, off-the-shoulder dress.

Second: I grab two pieces of the chunky jewelry displayed across my dresser.  Either all silver or all gold.  For a boho chic look I usually go with silver.

Third: I choose the sandals that slip on and off easily.

Fourth: Add mascara and lip balm and nothing else.

Fifth: I scrunch up my hair with Marc Anthony’s Dream Waves Beach Spray for perfect beachy wavy hair.

Sixth: Grab my Ray Bans.

Ta-da! I’m ready for another hot summer day!

If you were at Coachella, what would you Wear…

Anyone else suffering from major FOMO from not being at Coachella right now?  Just because we’re not there, doesn’t mean we can’t dress as if we were!

photoshoot - MR

The hot blazing sun + a grass venue calls for a jean jumper, wedges, and some funky boho-inspired jewelry.  This festival is one time of the year when wearing as little as possible is not only acceptable, but necessary.  Rocking beachy waves will make any look sexier, your hottest accessory is your oversized shades, and you can’t take a step without your camera.  Yup, it’s festival season.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 11.55.42 AM

Jean jumper: Topshop, Handbag: Rag & Bone, Sandals: MICHAEL Michael Kors, Necklace: Stella & Dot, Rings: Topshop, Eyeshadow: bareMinerals


J. Molly