Dressing for a Night Out Dancing with Friends

Ah the weekend comes and goes so quickly, and before you know it, it’s Wednesday.  This past weekend I finally got to put on my dancing shoes and rock some sexy moves on the dance floor.

I wore this brown beaded top that I got from a clothing swap party recently.  Although my boobs didn’t quite fill it out the way the original owner’s did, I say that there’s nothing a double-padded bra can’t fix.

Funny enough, after acquiring this top, I was watching an episode of Shameless from Season 1 and saw Veronica wearing the exact same top but in purple! You know you’re wearing something sexy if the sexy and promiscuous Veronica from Shameless is wearing the same top!  Leave it to me to notice this small detail.  After all, half the fun I get from watching TV shows comes from admiring and being inspired from the fashion.

Low-cut v-neck sleeveless shirts are my favorite for dressing up to go out on the weekends. Here are a few of my favs available to buy now:

Ella Moss ($118)

DVF ($198)

Saks ($790)

FarFetch ($502.56)



Getting Ready in 10 Minutes or Less

Whether you’re jetting off to a protest or just running a few errands, getting ready in 10 minutes or less is always an accomplishment!  Everyone knows that on average, a guy can get ready much faster than a woman, partially because they don’t have to worry about makeup, nail polish; they have less clothing options, less shoe options, and often short easy-to-manage hair. As a woman, I refuse to accept this; if I want to be out the door in 10 minutes, I will, and I’ll look good doing it!img_6860

As a woman with long hair, a large clothing collection, and an even larger shoe collection, getting ready isn’t always quick or simple.  While I do sometimes take pleasure in curling my hair or trying on a million different shoes to pick the right one, on days when I want to accomplish tasks quickly and run a few errands, getting ready in 10 minutes or less is very helpful and all the styling can be easily fast-tracked.


While I’m never the one to sport sweatpants in public (I keep my fashion standards a tad higher, even on my casual days), my go-to fashionable, comfy outfit is simple and effective.

Step 1: Throw on a pair of flared stretch tights/yoga pants.  I prefer flared to skinny because the flare helps them look less like workout clothes and more like comfortable “get work done” kind of clothes.

Step 2: A tank top, bra is optional.

Step 3: A t-shirt (I actually wore the t-shirt I slept in under this jacket just to cut down on my “picking out clothes” time) but do what you think is necessary.

Step 4: Neutral-colored jacket. I chose this windbreaker because it looks sporty, but not too sporty, it looks casual, but not frumpy, and it’s lightweight and comfortable!

Step 5: Now for the hair and makeup routine.  My secret?

I’m wearing no makeup.  About 30 seconds before I head out the door, I put a tiny bit of Clinique’s moisturizing color lip balm on my lips to keep them soft.

So how do I get away with going sans makeup? I sport Ray-Ban shades and a leather hat!

Step 6: I did nothing with my hair so there really is no step 6.  I let the natural waves that developed from having my hair in a bun, work their magic!

And there we go, ready in 10 minutes or less!



The Hairdryer you’ve got to See to Believe!

Ask any woman with long locks to explain their hair drying issues.  Many days I’ll spend twenty minutes drying my hair, only to discover that it’s still not completely dry.

Next time your grumbling, willing your arm not to hurt and your hair to be dry, check out the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.  It should restore your faith.

Dyson, known for their vacuums, have come out with a quieter Supersonic hair dryer that is suppose to not only work faster, but also dry your hair without risk of damaging it. Starting at $399.99, will people be willing to splurge?

Courtesy of Refinery 29

Courtesy of Refinery 29

Check it out for yourself! Refinery 29 has the details!


J. Molly



Summer Trend Alert: Pink

A few weeks ago I went browsing through Nordstrom.  I ended up in the dressing room with five items, four of which where pink.

FullSizeRender[1] 2

My favorite was by far this body-forming dress in the most beautiful shade of bright pink.  The cut is refreshingly modest with sleeves, a high-neck, and a respectable knee-length.



I tried on a long pink vest, and while it was cute in theory, making a decent outfit out of it seemed a bit difficult!  And while the patterned dress had a slight Diane von Furstenberg thing going for it…it was just too much pattern on me.

FullSizeRender copy 2

Stick with solid pink, and you’ll be in the clear!


J. Molly

Outfit of the Day

Today’s outfit of the day combines fancy with casual to create a slouchy, relaxed effortlessly chic look.

Created with the StyleChat app.

Created with the StyleChat app.

To get this look throw on your favorite pair of skinny blue jeans.  Pair it with a sleeveless black top.  Throw your oversized black and white herringbone coat overtop.  Add a pair of black booties…any heel height will work, but the higher the better! For an extra feminine touch, throw on a silver watch with a pink face.  Add some peachy color lipstick to your lips and you’ll be ready to rock the streets with your slammin’ style!

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J. Molly