How to Get the Perfect Date Night Look

Date nights are the best night of the week. They’re the perfect excuse to pull out your new fall attire, gather up your fave accessories, and enjoy a night of looking ultra-chic.

My go-to style tip: combine casual with fancy for a wildly fantastic ensemble.

Here I combined my new fave Tobi skirt, with a fall suede crop top with fancy sneakers, a trendy leather cap from Go Jane and that sexy pout. I wore Clinique pink lipstick that is just the perfect combination of smooth matte and creamy.

With my hair blowing in the wind, I had to keep it nicely tucked behind my ears. I love having long hair, but those curls can get unruly in the wind!

striped skirt


The best thing about warm weather in the fall is wearing those crop tops with an open back. I’ll take advantage of summer attire for as long as possible. This navy and white skirt from Tobi matched perfectly with my Brandy Melville crop top. Unfortunately, they aren’t still selling this exact crop top, but here is a very similar one!

Pink Sweater

Ever wonder which pair of shoes to wear? As a woman who owns almost a hundred pairs of shoes, deciding which ones to wear is what takes up all my time getting ready.

This fall I’m obsessed with girly sweaters. This soft, light pink sweater from Tobi is so comfy, making it perfect for a stay-in date night or a date night on the town. There’s plenty of time to wear dark colors in the winter. While the sun is still shining and the weather is warm, I like to stick with light, feminine colors.

My Chanel sunglasses are the perfect accessory to make any casual look, a tad more sophisticated! No look is complete without the perfect bag. For day time dates with my man I like to wear a big purse to carry anything and everything I might need.

Tobi Sweaters

Before heading out to a romantic dinner spot, I switch the big bag for an evening clutch. This black suede Jimmy Choo clutch is my favorite new accessory! It looks great with anything! I can dress it down with this ultra-chic orchid Tobi sweater, or I can dress it up with a little black dress on the weekends.

The jeans are from Armani Exchange. They look great with bold sweaters. When wearing a sweater that has a color that pops, I like to combine it with neutral accessories: brown Chanel sunglasses, grey skinny jeans, a black bag, and black high heels!

Once you’ve bought the perfect look, all you need is a couple savory tapas and that pink martini to really make the night exciting!




When to Wear your Short-Sleeve Coat

Growing up on the East Coast, I never really understood the concept of a short-sleeve coat. If it’s cold enough to be wearing a coat, then why would you want your arms uncovered? Then I moved to the West Coast and it all made sense.  On those warm rainy days when you want a coat for protection, even though it’s not that cold out, it’s time to pull out the stylish short-sleeve jacket of questionable utility.

edited for blog

These puffed shoulders take me back to the 80’s ever so slightly.  I wore this coat over a maroon short-sleeve dress that I ordered from Tobi not too long ago.


So what’s the key to pulling off a short-sleeve coat?  1. Don’t wear long sleeves under it.  That trend was around ever so briefly in the early 2000’s but thankfully it’s gone.  And 2. Wear one that accentuates the short-sleeve in some way, whether it’s a puffed shoulder or a capped sleeve.  After all, you chose to buy this very ineffectual piece of outerwear, you might as well make the style count.


J. Molly

5 Ways to Take Advantage of your Sleepless Nights

Insomnia is an unwelcome friend to many of us.  It doesn’t have to be all bad.  Take advantage of the quiet peacefulness of the evening hours.  No one’s trying to contact you; not by text, calling, or carrier pigeon.  You have total freedom to get done whatever you want to get done. While you may not have the energy you have during the day, take care of tasks that don’t require as much energy.

Blog – Some of my best ideas come to me at night when I’m sitting in bed, surrounded by nothing but darkness and silence.  Okay, probably not complete silence; I’m probably either listening to the quick witty banter of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore or wishing I was a celebrity with potty-mouth Ari Gold as my agent, but nonetheless, I’m spiritually ready to have all my inspiring ideas hit me at once.  My hands are poised over my laptop, and my brain’s ready for anything but sleep. Take advantage of this “me-time” by writing some of your best articles and promoting your online presence.


Organize your schedule for the week – Organization is key for efficiency.  Having a plan always makes me feel more productive and inspired.  Depending on how much I have to get done, I either make a general list by calendar day or list out tasks on an hourly basis.

Do some online shopping – The mall may close, but online stores are open 24/7.  You work hard during the days, treat yourself at night.  There’s nothing better than having a big box filled with new clothes arrive at your doorstep a few days later.


Read a book for pleasure –  If you’ve ever been a writer, English major or something similar, you know what it’s like to have a pile of books you have to read. When you can’t sleep at night, take that time to read something you really want to read.  It could be something completely frivolous.  Don’t read what you have to read for school or work, read what you want to read.

FullSizeRender (1)

Organize your digital life – What does this mean?  Take some time that you wouldn’t usually take during the day to organize the pictures on your computer so that you can actually find pictures when you want them.  Organize your files and delete any files you don’t need anymore. Clean up your iTunes.

Have a good night not sleeping.


J. Molly