Study Shows Men Who Tuck their Shirt in are Happier and Wealthier

Is it true that a good tuck can make you happier and richer?

The Crispin Porter + Bogusky agency surveyed 1,000 guys aged 25-60, enquiring about the state of their lives in accordance to five main factors: happiness, social status, optimism, income, and relationships.  The study revealed that men who tuck their shirt in fair better on each of the main criteria than those who don’t tuck their shirt.

Keep in mind this study is completely skewed…but it’s still fun!  The results showed that men who tuck their shirt in reported a 19% higher income than non-tuckers.  The tuckers were also 8% more likely to report they go out on dates often.  Over 60% of tuckers reported being happier at their job.  Tuckers were also 10% more likely to report being socially outgoing and 22% more likely to say they’re optimistic about the future.

I wonder what the survey would say about men who do the half-tuck?  You know, one side in one out?

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Who doesn’t love a good tuck?


J. Molly