Road-Tripping in Style

Last week I took a road trip to Santa Barbara and Newport Beach.  Luckily I wasn’t the one doing the driving, so my biggest concerns were about what I should wear, how I should do my hair, and which sunglasses I should wear.  He held the camera and posed awkwardly in front of the pacific ocean as we drove down the 1 along the coast of California.



I wanted to be comfortable on the long drive.  My black dress from Tobi was perfect because it was lightweight and soft. My obnoxious big black watch weighed down my arm, reflected the sun, and made my look a bit more rugged! I wore a big chunky Stella & Dot bracelet to give my look some much-needed bling!


I could spend hours just admiring the beautiful Pacific Ocean.


Nonchalantly walking along the mountains at the side of the road, posing for pics as my personal photographer snaps some pics.


J. Molly


Trip to Newport Beach: Black Bikini, Sun, and Mimosas


Some say home is where your family is.  Some say home is where you grew up.  Some say home is where you currently live.  I say home is where you get that warm, fuzzy feeling that starts in your heart and spreads through your entire body.  For me, that’s Newport Beach.  It’s beautiful, serene, calm, eventful, fun, and relaxing. This year’s vacation was round two in Newport!

A black bikini, vintage square black sunglasses, sun, palm trees, mimosas, and the immensity of the Pacific Ocean, are all you need for a great vacation!

This is how we roll…no such thing as too many mimosas at Mutt Lynch’s. One of these mimosas is 32oz. They may not be bottomless, but the size of the glass surely gives the illusion that they are!


I think I took too many pictures of palm trees. #westcoastobsession



J. Molly


Nasty Gal’s Weekly Entertainment

I appreciate the attempt, but I’m a little confused Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal ($583.00). Click to original post.

Nasty Gal ($583.00). Click to original post.

Fashion seems to be taking a weird turn lately.  We’ve got the men wearing no pants on the runways, and now women are classifying a dress as a bunch of pom-pom fluff balls being very not strategically pasted to ones body.

So here’s my question, would you ever wear this to a party?  I get weird looks sometimes when I dress up too much on the West Coast; I can’t even imagine what this dress would solicit. Perhaps a trip to the insane asylum?

Nasty Gal sure knows how to entertain us!  I’d love to hear your thoughts. $583.00! Those are some expensive fluff balls.  But who knows, perhaps I’ll be running out to the Michael’s store soon to buy myself some arts and craft pom-pom fluff balls (insert appropriate term here.)


J. Molly